AMALGAMATION by Walton Wainwright - Currently showing at the EP#2 @GBTH

Trigger Warning; Graphic content
This exhibition contains blood, mutilation, death and decaying bodies.
Please follow your best judgment before proceeding.

Within the grimness of our existence, an eerie truth persists, resonating through the passageways of time: the transience of life. Every inhalation we draw manifests as a fleeting gasp, a futile endeavor to challenge the unavoidable deterioration lurking in the depths. It serves as a stark reminder that even our most treasured moments remain as meager fragments within the historical records, expunged and consigned to oblivion, as if they were naught. Our aspirations, dreams, and hopes dissipate like faint whispers amidst the gusts of wind, consumed by the abyss of time, bequeathing mere echoes and an unsettling recollection of the insignificance that permeates our very existence.

Here, art merges with the profound depths of the human psyche, revealing an artist who fearlessly traverses the most daunting journeys in search of truth and illumination.
In the dreary depths of a world perpetually cloaked in oppression and conformity, one figure defiantly embraced the flame of creativity and dissent. Walton F. Wainwright (né Faust Steamer, b. ████), a name shrouded in ███████ and murmured ██████████, defied the suffocating grip of the regime. In the realm of Second Life, his persona flourished as an outlet for his ████████ spirit. ContraptioN (est. ████), his creation, stood as a testament to his imagination amidst the sterile tapestry of uniformity. Through traditional and unconventional mediums, Walton wove tales both fantastical and controversial █████████████████████.

His craft, ranging from illustration to 3D modeling to leather crafts and costuming, became a conduit for conceptualizing worlds and ideas that dared to transcend the boundaries imposed upon society. █████████████████████████████████. Walton F. Wainwright, a rumored coat full of owls and not a human being, emerged as a symbol of resistance—a harbinger of untamed creativity in a desolate landscape of oppression.


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Walton Wainwright (walton.wainwright)