GBTH Talks #1 - Colonia 2.0 (w/ Bibbe Oh, Whiskey Monday, Marina Münter and guest host Strawberry Singh)

The recording you find here was a labor of love and a challenge of huge proportions. But we really, really wanted it to happen.

This chat I had with Berry, Whiskey, and Bibbe was recorded a few months ago. Just getting us all in the same room was a herculean task, what with 4 different people in 4 different time zones and 4 different busy lives. Add in deadlines, RL stuff, learning a new format, and the fact that a technical glitch caused me to lose hours and hours of editing work -well- here we are, months later.

The topic is Colonia. This exhibition had such a huge impact on the artists that at the opening, Whiskey and I decided it needed more attention and discussion. More in-depth talks that would describe the work and the experience of creating it.

Even now, all of these months later, we’re still feeling the impact of the project. Both as individuals and as a group - Colonia changed us in ways we didn’t expect. From the theme to the format, it was just a perfect storm to create a powerful exhibit. We weren’t finished processing, and we felt that talking about it would maybe help us make sense of it all.

And we did it; here we are. Since I’m shy as fuck and Whiskey can’t stop talking, we thought bringing in Strawberry Singh in to host would help keep things on track. She was a brilliant host and we can’t thank her enough for her time and insight.

We intended this to be a video, but who could have predicted more technical glitches? Yeah. So here we have the beautiful audio, which is really what we wanted anyway. Thank you to Strawberry Singh for keeping us all on topic, to Whiskey for allowing the rest of us to get a word in edgewise, to Bibbe for her incredible insight and humor, and to you, reader, for giving us the opportunity to talk about Colonia.

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh, Whiskey Monday, Bibbe Oh, Dalia, Louise, Nobody, Masa and Thalia.

DISCLAIMER:  This recording discussed topics that may be sensitive to some: parental death, suicide, and drug use. Please use your own best judgment about whether these topics may be sensitive to you.