The GBTH Project is a virtual art incubator situated in Second Life™.

Founded in October 2017 by Marina Münter (la.costanza), it came to life as a proposal to bring a multiplicity of formats into the art scenario in the grid.

Structurally, the GBTH is located on a Full Region 30k (256X256m). The island is divided in parcels, because it allows a better control of EEP , media , info about the work displayed and direct teleport. Also important to reinforce that Second Life uses the metric system, and it has been suggested a scale of 1:1.25 to the measurements of the physical world, a methodology we often apply here at our exhibitions.

Second Life offers many possibilities but isn’t limitless - factors like quality of the computer, internet connection, and others can directly affect your experience, aside from technicalities as well.  Still it is amazing what can be achieved once you start using a virtual world as a base to develop your ideas.

GBTH on Second Life™ Spotlight