L’ENCRE, LE PAPIER ET TOI by Vincent Priesley - Currently Showing in the EP #3 @GBTH

“For a moment, let us be blind so that we can feel this simple thing that only closed eyes can see.
Let's touch the paper with our eyes closed, whether it is cardboard or thin, rough, damaged or perfect. The fountain pen in our hand that just wants to slide. Because once we have a pen and paper it is so irresistible to write, to test the ink, to see its color and especially to make appear this writing which is so personal to us.
Even the smell of the ink and the stains that we try to avoid but which often overwhelm us. Smiling, I look at my blue or black fingers. This makes us all artists because each letter is your work of art and is so beautiful.
Write a letter and frame it with its erasures because it is more than that, it tells you.”
- Vincent Priesley

Exhibition Credits

Vincent Prisley (sweetvincent.resident)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

David Silence (jemapelsilence.resident)
Graphic Designer