L’ENCRE, LE PAPIER ET TOI by Vincent Priesley - Currently Showing in the EP #3 @GBTH

Hair is more than just follicles and keratin; it embodies the essence of self-love and self-acceptance, as we learn to embrace and celebrate the diverse textures and forms that nature has bestowed upon us. In its infinite variety, the love of hair reveals our capacity to find beauty in the simplest of things and our enduring quest to express our inner selves through this unique and ever-evolving aspect of our physical being.

From the gentle touch of a loved one's fingers combing through our strands to the shared moments of styling and grooming, hair creates bonds that transcend the physical world.  It can be a source of comfort, a shield against the world, or a statement of rebellion. The love of hair is a celebration of our uniqueness and a reminder of our shared humanity.

Exhibition Credits

Vincent Prisley (sweetvincent.resident)

Marina Münter (la.costanza)
Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)

Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)
Graphic Designer

GBTH Magazine - Interview with the artist