GBTH Magazine #12
Jul. 2022

Debuting in Second Life, Brazilian artist Bebel (Pu6lio.resident) presents us with a full installation named GOELA at our Exhibition Pavilion #1.

Marina Münter: I met you and Cibele here at GBTH in 2020, a few months after the pandemic started. Can you tell us a bit about Bebel and what made you create this second account?

Bebel: Being in movement motivates me, Bebel emerged from an enthusiastic fraction of myself who was ready to explore the multidimensional world looking to break up internal boundaries and the freedom of being permissive with herself.

I was just kicking with Cibele when we got here for the first time and to be honest I can't even remember how it happened, what I remember, and it's a really special moment, was how exciting it was to find a place like GBTH and at the same day discover that it was a Brazilian woman taking care of it. It was mind blowing for an artist who was, at that moment, dreaming about being a Second Life creator and the possibilities I could explore.

MM: You’re an artist in the physical world, and the portfolio you’ve shown me when we first met was simply breathtaking. What made you pick Second Life as a platform to develop further your work?

B: Being an architect in real life when you're an artist looking for freedom of expression can be really challenging, exceptionally when you are a person who needs some subjectivity to feel alive.

I've always felt the need to exceed the limits of architecture and urbanism, I wanted to create with, and without reason or meaning, and I've always felt really powerful being a 3D artist, so I needed to get this out, Second Life and how I feel it like an expansion of me just naturally became a vein to connect the feeling with a platform.

MM: What were the major challenges you’ve faced in the process of putting GOELA together?

B: I'm a Virgo with Libra and Gemini, so it's basically living in doubt while looking for perfectionism. Goela was in the middle of a self understanding moment about how to deal with it, being permissive and careful with my creation process.

MM: You graduated in architecture and decided to go through another path. During the process of putting GOELA together you mentioned how the subject was strongly present, also how the city you live in, São Paulo, directly influences you. Wanna tell us more about it?

B: I've always been someone who enjoys the creation process of everything I like. I'm a curious and passionate being, but becoming an architect was a trauma that I'm still learning how to deal with. It changed my vision about everything, consumed me, and then made me a better person but with a lot of information to deal with, and now being an architect is something intrinsic to who I am.

Although I love the [building|project/construction] part of being an architect and urbanist, studying the theory about people and it's environment always captivated me and the opportunity to live on one of the biggest city of the world has been the best confusion I've ever lived and all this uncoordinated confusion that really works in São Paulo, mixed with the confusion on my mind, makes all senses. São Paulo is such a plural place with sounds and textures to explore, not about being good or bad, just an exquisite existence.

MM: Bebel, thank you so much for putting the time and effort to share GOELA with us. It is an incredible debut and I wish you nothing but success in your path. Is there anything else you’d like to say to someone?

B: Thank you Marina for making this possible with GBTH, I am so happy that we could make it happen and I hope people enjoy it. I made it with all my heart.

I also want to say thanks to Cibele, who was with me during all the process, helping and rooting for this moment to happen. And our cat Azul, together we are a family existing in multiple galaxies *-*

Click Here to visit Bebel’s GOELA in Second Life.