GBTH Magazine #19 - GBTH x Rachel Breaker EPILOGUE // Open Call
Jul. 2023

I feel one thing GBTH takes pride in is the dedication and time spent preparing each new exhibit; from the selection of an idea to the breakdown of steps required to see it coming through. This process can take up a few months and it is like riding a rollercoaster - full of highs and lows and yet an exciting journey. The choice of structuring and developing in such a large timeframe is perhaps a bit of a rebellious act, when the internet makes it seem that great content can be put out with a blink of an eye. Having quality over quantity was never something up for debate here, but a goal we seek out in a collaborative effort.

The learning curve is an infinite loop, and the hunger for challenges grows. Bigger! Complexer! The sky's the limit! Then we remember we’re humans and sometimes gotta pump the breaks. Which is what ended up happening in 2022: I had to postpone some projects due to reasons beyond my control. Life happens. Originally the final round of the GBTH x Rachel Breaker collective 3D exhibit was intended to mark the celebrations of GBTH’s 5th anniversary, along with the remodeling of the region and all that. On a later date, I managed to close the region for a while, taking longer than originally intended, and change the whole layout in a way that would make the place cleaner and more cohesive, allowing it to house more exhibition spaces.

Once the region reopened, I had plans to actually slow down this year and give myself time to recover so I could continue running GBTH (yeah, it is not a big team behind it, ha) in a sustainable manner. And then once again, this time for a great reason, my plans have been put aside. For the first time I had someone stepping in and actually offering to help in the tasks I actually needed help with, resulting in probably one of the most prolific years we have to date. Thank you, Diff!

Without any further ado, I have saved the argument I had written originally for the last round of the GBTH x Rachel Breaker collab. It was originally intended to be published before the big GBTH reopening and that would mark this grand event, no longer called a project and all of that. And the more I thought of writing it again to make sense for this moment we are, the more I realized it would be actually more honest if I were upfront with you what actually has happened and kind of celebrate that we’re here now. YAAAAY!

A massive thank you for sticking up and being patient with me throughout this process. It is an honor to count with the support of our patrons to continue to provide a location where creativity can flourish.

First things first, to make it very clear: this is the last chance to join the GBTH x Rachel Breaker 3D collective exhibit. As you might know, a project can be defined as something with a beginning, middle and end. To avoid any premature misunderstanding: I won’t be closing the GBTH. Maybe the most symbolic change will be to stop calling it a project and use these 5 years of experience to see what is the best way to keep the activities and reviewing formats that work and didn’t.

Truth be told: I’ve burnout months ago and I can’t keep it going the way it is now.

And because it is such a cool proposal I thought it deserved a last round - sounds a bit like the argument for Colonia 2.0, doesn’t it? I know, I know. And shockingly, the theme is also a question. Man, I’m on fire!

On this round, all the previous figurines will be available to choose from. Yup, all the 18 different meshes from the four previous rounds. Before any panicking thinking it is too much and no idea on how to choose and getting lost there, let me ask you a question: How Are You Now That It Is Over?

See what I did there? Eh? EH? Now, when proposing a theme I try to give something that will entice your creative path, as a starting point. We know the fear of the blank canvas. Too many possibilities, the brain goes nuts and all of that. I hear you, I hear you.

I’m one of those who defend the creative process as something laboral. The myth of inspiration, this divine thing hitting you like the touch of a magic unicorn which will enlighten your way to a seamless, painless process is nothing but, in my humble opinion, the absurdity of the metaphor I just used.

There will be roughly two months to work on your piece. It is enough time if you don’t leave it at the last minute. If you want a suggestion on how to start, try and answer the question/theme before anything. Write it down. Do it a few times. I’m sure the answer will change while you’re on it, and that is fine. Maybe you can pick one of the answers that you enjoyed the most. THEN you pick the figurine that will fit your idea better. Rez the figurine. Look at it. Have some chats with it, if you may. Which colors do you think would fit here? And textures? Patterns? Give it time (if you start early) to breathe. Test. Test. Test.

And YES, the open call to join the last round of the GBTH x Rachel Breaker collab is happening and going until the 27th of July! If you want to participate, just message me, Marina Münter (la.costanza), and make sure to have a free group spot.

To know more about what this round is about,  yours truly prepared a little tutorial video: