GBTH Magazine #3

The GBTH approach has been straight forward since the beginning – developing art exhibitions in virtual worlds. As excited as we get about all the thousands of ideas and possibilities to the point it gets overwhelming, small steps are necessary. Simplifying methods, optimizing workforce to the best of our capabilities and fully embracing that finished is better than perfect are part of what keep the GBTH moving forward throughout these years.

I feel like in general I tend to be somewhat shy to introduce myself, so I’ll write here a quick sum up that might be relevant for the GBTH context.  This week, with the GBTH in mind, I took some classes at b_arco about Contemporary artistic practices related to the history of 20th and 21st century exhibitions with Ana Paula Cohen. Not the first time I pay for exhibition specific classes with the intent to better understand formats implemented in real life to then see how they can be applied to Second Life; in the first semester of 2019 I took a class about Art Architecture and Exhibition Developing from the 19th Century until contemporary days (roughly translated from Brazilian Portuguese) with Sonia Salcedo del Castillo at EAV – Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage. I also went to a round table discussion about Urban Art and Interventions at Oi Futuro in which one of the guests was Liana Brazil, co-founder of SuperUber, as well participated of an incubator at Armazém da Utopia for a workshop of technical services, aside from my previous experience being assistant on a few exhibition setups as well as an exhibition mediator.

Right now I’m still processing and finishing reading the biography from this week’s class, but I wanted to write this post so maybe we can finally engage in a more productive and forward discussion as things progress. One of the points I want to improve for 2021 with the GBTH is improving our communication, and for that I also promise that I’ll use the most simplified language I can. First because my native language isn’t English, second because the idea behind all of this is to be able to communicate with each other.

Thank you for the continued support to the GBTH and here’s to a full and productive year for us!