GBTH Magazine #8 - Vincent Priesley
Nov. 2021

Vincent Priesley is and artist the mastermind behind Sources, a furniture store that makes you ask yourself why it took so long to see this type of creation in Second Life. On November 21st, he opens a new environment here at GBTH, L’ENCRE, LE PAPIER ET TOI.

Marina Münter - When and why did you decide to use Second Life as a creative platform?

Vincent Priesley - When, I don't remember... And I don't think I decided to start using Second Life as a creative platform. I think I was chosen without needing ambition. I think one day someone asked me to do something and I said I don't know if I can do it because I have never done it before. And this is where I am now.

MM - This is your third environment at the GBTH, and I noticed they end up being about love. Is this your inspiration?

VP - I think it comes from the fact that I like to talk about things that I love deeply. I could express things I don't like, but my optimistic nature directs me to the positive side of life. The glass is half full.

MM - You have such a great domain over 3D tools, making extremely complex shapes, playing with scripts, animated textures and whatnot. Still for this exhibition you bring up paper and ink as the main focus. What is your background?

VP - Creating it while dreaming, closing my eyes... Allowed me to feel the sensations, the touch, the paper, the smell of the ink and feel it on the skin. Then there is the beauty of writing. As if a small word took more value written by the hand of someone, rather than written with a keyboard. In writing it's all one, the ink, the pen, and your handwriting.

That's why the ink and the paper are very present, but also the writing.

MM - How do you associate both physical and virtual worlds? Your work is so visceral that I imagine there’s something other than a correlation of both.

VP - Unfortunately, there is nothing in the physical world. There is only me... Or maybe everything is in me.

MM - Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and also for allowing us to host your work here at GBTH. We feel incredibly honored to have you here, Vincent! Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

VP - It's an honor and a joy to have been so well received at GBTH.

What I would like to share with you is be in love with all the things around you. They are worth it because from them come dreams and passions.