GBTH presents Colonia 2.0 

COLONIA 2.0 - WHAT WOULD YOU LEAVE BEHIND, IF YOU DECIDED TO LOSE YOURSELF? Colonia 2.0 is the final round of a proposal that had its debut in May 2021, which idea was exploring further the format of group exhibitions, preserving each artist's individuality as we occupy a common space. For this last round, it was proposed as a theme answering the question “what would you leave behind, if you were about to lose yourself?” through the occupation of an apartment. The artists were free to interpret the question as they pleased. Each apartment, inhabited by a different artist, is an exhibition on its own, where the visitor is encouraged to walk inside and dialogue directly with the work. A group of artists is also referred to as a colony of artists, which inspired the title of this show. Simple and straightforward enough to keep focus on the installations presented.

Exhibition Credits

Amanda (aht1981.resident), Bibbe Oh (bibbe.oh), Dalia (da1ia.resident), Eupalinos Ugajin (eupalinos.ugajin), Hills (hillany.scofield), Karpova Blavatsky (karpova666.resident), Louise Nobodie (paraplouise.resident), Manoji Yachvili (manoji.yachvili), Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident), Marlen Manson (emo.daddy), Martin Ren (, Mavi Beck (mavi.beck), Mr Vanmoer (frenchbloke.vanmoer), Natas (natas.janus), Soy (soyoy.resident), Whiskey Monday (whiskey.monday)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

Cibele Cibernética (profetadigital.resident)
David Silence (jemapelsilence.resident)
Graphic Designer

Amanda (aht1981.resident)
Inner Shell Mesher

Special thanks to Paul Gils (obertonx.resident), Amelie Tautou (amile34.resident), Lux Chiantelle (lux.chiantelle), Allegory Malaprop (allegory.malaprop), Phreek Fargis (phreek.fargis), Annei (anneilyranae.resident), Lex Rowley (lex.rowley), Victor Newchurch (victor.newchurch), Masa Plympton (masa.plympton), Huckleberry Hax (huckleberry.hax), Aldiladeisogni (aldiladeisogni.resident), Kristine Blackadder (kristine.blackadder), Kika Yongho (kika.yongho), Moki Yuitza (moki,yuitza), Andraus Thor (andraus.thor), Orli Jules (orli.jules), Enigma Greer Actor (enigma.greer), Mr Amore (mr.amore).