GBTH x Rachel Breaker 5th Round EPILOGUE: How Are You Now That It Is Over?

The GBTH x Rachel Breaker collab is inspired by toy art, collectibles and projects like the Cow Parade and the Berlin Buddy Bears. The format of this exhibition consists of proposing a simulation of a collective artistic urban intervention, adapted for Second Life® resources.

Since the very first round, placed in January 2019, the idea was to focus on cooperation, allowing residents with different skill sets developing something together, exploring new possibilities and challenging themselves out of their comfort zone.

As a theme for the 5th round, we proposed the participants to answer the question “how are you now that it is over?” - which was subjective to their own interpretation. Providing as a base all the pieces from the previous rounds, we opened a conversation on self-reflection through creative and artistic practices through assemblage and texturing of a figurine.

In this digital realm, we celebrate not just artistry, but also our own narratives, beckoning you to explore the tales that emerge when one story concludes and the next begins.


Adwehe (adwehe.resident), Amanda (aht1981.resident), Anise Absinthe (anise.absinthe), Ava Darkheart (ava.darkheart), Aww Geewhiz (aww.geewhiz), BadUnicorn (badunicorn.resident), Bars Simpson Breaux (autumn.yap), Bear Starr (littlebearstarr.daddy), Bebel (pu6lio.resident), Bridge McMahon (bridge.mcmahon), Cat Mommy (cat.mommy), Darius Godric (darius.godric), Darrel Babinco (darrelbabinco.resident), Dee Absinthe (dee.absinthe), Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum), Elan (innefable.mote), Ella Pavlona (ellapavlona.resident), Eve Voxel-Petlyakov (eve.petlyakov), Huckleberry Hax (huckleberry.hax), Jaca Bonetto (jaca.bonetto), Jack Valentine (jacquesvalentine.resident), Jake Vordun (jake.vordun), Kai Mannequin (kai.mannequin), Katt Harcourt (hexskatt.resident), Keiko Clementine (sugarcakessss1.resident),

Kimmy Clementine (ingridkomachi.resident), Louise Nobodie (paraplouise.resident), Lux Chiantelle (lux.chiantelle), Marina Münter (la.costanza), Martin Ren (, Nora (inoral.resident), Onceagain (manoji.yachvili), Pearl Hyacinth (pearlhyacinth.resident), Peuxswau (peuxswau.resident), Rachel Breaker (rachel.breaker), Rob Danton, (rob.danton), Shellina Omy (omy.mommy), Shuggah Stupor (souixeside.resident), Smoopa Spinotti (smoopa.spinotti), Sooki (sookicatalina.resident), Soyoy (soyoy.resident), Tito Garmonbozia (alice.rothmanay), Tolb Starr (tolb.resident), Veronica & Juniper (veronica.puddles), Vincent Priesley (sweetvincent.resident), Walton Wainwright (walton.wainwright), Wolf Alpha (wolf.alpha), Zaque Hexem (zaque.hexem)

Marina Münter (la.costanza)

Rachel Breaker (rachel.breaker)

Marina Münter (la.costanza)
Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)

Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)

Fancy Decor, OMY, L’Etre/Doux, Cryptid, Insomnia Angel. Teegle

Special thanks to Jake Vordun, Rob Danton, ColeMarie Soleil, Random Cole, Bars Simpson Breaux, BadUnicorn, Late Billig.