GBTH x Rachel Breaker  
5th Round: EPILOGUE

How Are You Now That It Is Over?

5th and final round of the 3D collective exhibition

- Join the exhibit from July 19th to July 27th
- Workshop: First week of Aug/Sep
- Figurines to be sent until Sep 30th
- Exhibition opens on Oct 20th


The collaboration between GBTH and Rachel Breaker took inspiration from urban interventions, toy art, collectibles, and exhibitions like the Cow Parade and the Berlin Buddy Bears. The exhibition aims to simulate a collective urban intervention using Second Life resources. Since the first round in January 2019, we have aimed to promote collectivity by encouraging residents with diverse skill sets to develop something together and explore new possibilities. Anyone with the necessary basic building skills and UV map knowledge can participate without any fee, and once the exhibition opens, all figurines will be available for purchase. The profit from each sale will be split equally among the artist, Rachel, and GBTH through a script (Casper Vendor).


“How are you now that it is over?”

This is the last round of this 3D collective exhibit in collaboration with Rachel Breaker, therefore also the last chance to join!

We are proposing the participants answer the question above by assembling, posing and texturing a figurine. The idea is to have an emotion portrayed in your final piece.

How to go about answering this prompt is left up to the discretion of each artist, however we would like to encourage you to push the envelope and think outside the box.


All the participants will receive a kit with 7 boxes of groups of pieces. Each group corresponds to a loosely designated body part that they can use to creatively assemble their final piece.

These figurines correspond to the past rounds of the GBTH x Rachel Breaker exhibition.

Inside the kit you’ll also find the blank AO textures of the parts that you can save and customize on an external image editor.

In this kit you will find seven boxes with groups of a total of 98 no copy mesh parts, with the respective full perm textures.

The meshes are no copy, meaning that once your figurine is assembled, we kindly ask you to send it back with all the textures (on the figurine and as separate textures as well) full perm so we can reassemble with the right permissions to be sold and the profit split equally between Rachel, you and the GBTH.*

The idea is to mix and match the body parts and customizing the textures on them.

Save the provided textures and open on Photoshop or any other image editor. Make a blank layer on top of it and set to multiply. Voilá! You're ready to start playing with the textures!

Rez all the boxes and check the visual guide on the wrap of each of them.

We just ask to please not resize/stretch to not break the pattern of the figurines together, and also please keep your figurine under 25li.


Once you finished, please send to Marina (la.costanza) a folder/box containing:
- your figurine textured, assembled and linked
- all the textures you customized (full perm)
- a full perm prim made by you

* We know this seems like a lot of work, but we really wanted this proposal to be open for everyone. Setting the figurines for sale isn't the main point, but it will help with the costs, Rachel's work and also a small token of gratitude for people that are participating. Thank you for understanding <3


More information on the specific workshop schedule will be sent out in the RB x GBTH group in-world.


All figurines must be completed and sent to Marina by September 30th.
The planned exhibition opening date is October 20th.