PRIMITIVE by Grant Valeska - Currently Showing in Unit #1 @GBTH

PRIMITIVE marks Grant Valeska's debut exhibition and provides a captivating introduction to his artistic vision and approach. Although PRIMITIVE doesn't carry any explicit narrative or social commentary, it challenges the pre-existing notion that intentionality is not possible in work where the primary focus is placed upon aesthetics and visual impact, and invites the viewer to appreciate fashion photography as an art form in itself.

With PRIMITIVE, Valeska delves into the boundary between fashion and art, demonstrating his skill in blending the two realms seamlessly. Through his lens, the viewer is transported into a world of striking poses, intricate textures, and arresting compositions.

This exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion photography and the art of visual storytelling.

Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)
Marina Münter (la.costanza)
Grant Valeska is an American stylist and virtual photographer. With an impressive 13-year journey on the platform, Valeska has established himself as one of Second Life’s most prominent creatives. Constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of his craft, he has become known for his ability to transform his creative vision into captivating imagery.

Over the years, Valeska's artistic pursuits have expanded beyond photography, encompassing the founding of the XXTRA Collective and the publication of the XXTRA Magazine. as well as with incredibly detailed live performances that pay homage to his favourite pop icons.

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Grant Valeska (grant.valeska)

Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)
Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)