LET ME IN, LET ME OUT by C E N I T - Currently Showing in Unit #2 @GBTH

C E N I T is a Brazilian virtual photographer based in New York who uses Second Life as her primary tool. She has been a SL user since 2011 and began exhibiting her work in SL in 2022.

C E N I T's approach to photography is characterised by a spontaneity that draws heavily on her raw emotions, intuition, and feelings. These are inspired by the beauty of nature, particularly the ocean, and the colour blue. In addition to photography, C E N I T also writes poetry, which serves as another outlet for her creativity.

In her free time in Second Life, C E N I T loves to enjoy her time the way we all do - with her friends and SL family shopping, landscaping, exploring the grid.

For more of C E N I T’s work http://bit.ly/42jLXdc

                                            Let me In,    
                                                Let Me Out

Let me in.

Let me out.

Oh! Burn my skin alive, so I can feel you deep inside. I want to devour your lips, intoxicate in your sweet hydrangea scent. Climb the mountains of your hips. Run my fingers through the waves of your untamed ocean. Drink the honey of your hive. To undress you, to vulgarise you. To love you forever, violently.

Let me in.

Oh! Look at me how I look at you. Search for me how I search for you. Love me like I love you. Suffocate me with your flowers. I am sinking in a sea of love, and you won’t even get in the water this time.

Let me out.


C E N I T (cenit.kiyori)

Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)
Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

Peri Copae (pericopae.resident)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)
Special thanks to Matty King (levi.megadon) and Ruveira (ruveira.resident).