EROS by Marina Münter - Currently Showing in the Unit #3 @GBTH

I’ve always had problems with pornography in general. The stuff that I could find in my teens and later in life never caused any of the expected reactions that one would imagine pornography would, until I realized I wasn’t the target audience of this massive industry. I wasn’t encouraged to explore and celebrate my own sexuality growing up. There were no mainstream magazines featuring pictures of my crushes naked and the very few publications of male nudes I was able to get my hand onto targeted other men as their audience.

My fascination with the male figure started at an early age. I remember sighing while watching Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys on VHS. Or staring awkwardly at a hot boyfriend of a friend of my mother's. Plus, the only thing I can remember from watching The Name of the Rose for schoolwork in 6th grade was Christian Slater’s hint of dick, appearing on screen for a fraction of a second. My friends and I rewinded that same scene over and over for just a crumb of male sexuality.

EROS was conceived when a friend of mine asked me what about the male body was attractive to me. I am glad I have the opportunity to provide the beginning of an answer through this exhibition.

Marina Münter
Marina is a master of curating the exhibitions of others, so it was an honor to be invited to curate her solo show here. And the subject matter was certainly a perk! One of Marina’s greatest strengths as an artist is her ability to pull the viewer into her field of vision, forcing one to see the scene exactly as she sees it. In this way, we are aware of both subject and photographer, as they both are important to the conversation she’s having here.

And what a powerful conversation it is. The female viewpoint has long been neglected and even ostracized in erotic art. In addressing her own ideas about what she finds attractive, she has invited us to question whether our own tastes and desires are represented. And further, are our tastes and desires even our own, or are they heavily influenced by centuries of male dominated perspectives?

Instead of addressing these issues with a heavy hand, Marina has chosen to celebrate her subjects and her objectification of them. In posing, lighting, and framing, Marina has given us a direct window through her lens and allowed us the chance to appreciate the male form both as she sees it and in our own way of observing.

And isn’t that the ultimate work of the photographer?

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