VESSELS by Rob Danton - Currently Showing in the Unit #4 @GBTH

Vessels is the result of a long interest in our avatars and how we choose represent ourselves virtually. I suppose the question is "If you could look like anything at all, what would you be?". It's reasonable to expect us all to want to look as perfect as possible but it seems that many people try to incorporate something of themselves into that idealized representation.

It’s strange how many similarities SL has to shamanic ideas of metaphysical realms. The avatar can be seen as a kind of vessel for navigating another world and it follows that, like a magical tool or ritual object, you have to put something of yourself into it to give it life and the power to operate in that sphere. It becomes a vessel for the spirit.

The time and craft put into the creation of digital representations of ourselves differentiate them from the anodyne avatars that can be bought and used as ready-made clichés of desirability.

Even unconsciously others are instantly aware of the time and effort that has been put into into a detailed and unique avatar and I feel that sacrifice imbues it with a kind of power.

So these pictures try answer to the question "what would you choose to look like?" seems to be, in many cases, "something like me".

Rob Danton (rob.danton)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

Cibele Cibernética (profetadigital.resident)
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