CHROMATIC DREAMSCAPES by Ren Matsura - Currently Showing in Unit #5 @GBTH

“Why did I choose this theme for my exhibition? I opted to illustrate the visualization of each color through watercolors by digital manipulation and photos taken in Second Life. Each color, as seen from my perspective, carries a unique meaning expressed in every image—my fears, my joys. Take violet, for instance; a diverse shade of blue that imparts a gentle melancholy and loneliness. It symbolizes being surrounded by people yet feeling disconnected, reflecting my struggles with socializing both in Second Life and reality. There's that fear of articulating something, worrying if it aligns with the wavelength of those around.

Capturing photos in Second Life has perpetually been my outlet for releasing pent-up emotions—be they positive or negative, dark or light. Each photo encapsulates a facet of me, with some resonating more than others. I chose to step beyond my comfort zone by infusing these images with colors. My usual photos lack this vibrancy, so I aimed to present something novel and relish the entire creative process. I sincerely hope you find it enjoyable.”

Ren Matsura

Ren Matsura, an Argentinian stylist, fashion photographer, and artist, has been an active Second Life user since 2014. Swiftly gaining recognition as a skilled creator, he became a regular feature in Second Life fashion publications by 2015.

In 2019, Matsura made his exhibiting debut as an artist and has since continued to display his works in various galleries across the grid.

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Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)