KLUB 15 by Keiko Clementine - Currently Showing in Unit #6 @GBTH

Presented in a surrealistic club, where classical beauty mixes with the virtual, KLUB 15 takes form in images exploring beauty standards, my own path as a creator, sexuality & the importance of virtual identities.

Since joining Second Life, I realised the impact it had on my life. It inspired me to keep being creative, explore and endure hard times of stagnation. This is a love letter to the virtual world. It gave birth to a creative endeavour that still runs today - keikumu. Second Life also allowed me to explore my own identity in the real and virtual worlds, showing how nuanced someone’s identity can be.

And, after having a hard time understanding my own sexuality, Second Life helped me navigate the intricacies of it.

Keiko Clementine is a Lithuanian interdisciplinary artist based in the UK. He has been a Second Life user since 2015, and in 2019, he started his own Second Life-based makeup brand, keikumu.

In 2023, Keiko Clementine is making his debut as an exhibiting artist. His work explores the concept of identity within a virtual online avatar, delving into the experience of being an adaptable being, whether human or non-human, within the confines of a digital realm.

For more of Keiko Clementine’s work: https://linktr.ee/keikumu


Keiko Clementine (sugarcakesss1.resident)

Difficult Conundrum (difficult.conundrum)
Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

Keiko Clementine (sugarcakesss1.resident)

Special thanks to Sage Sloan (oessa.resident)

Click here to visit KLUB 15 in Second Life.