DISTANCE by Mich Michabo - Currently Showing in the Unit #7 @GBTH

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, Mich's photography approaches a familiarity to a world emptied by COVID. The audience will explore how her Second Life relationships and connections began to mirror those of reality, and the different ways she explored the self in a time of isolation and uncertainty.
Mich’s work invites us to question how our virtual selves can be extensions of our real selves, positioning herself in a virtual environment that recalls scenes from the urban life of a young woman, and reinforcing that enjoying Second Life at its fullest and being aware of the real world aren't mutually exclusive.


Mich Michabo (mich.michabo)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

David Silence (jemapelsilence.resident)

Special thanks to Nobody (random.hijinks), Agustkov (agustkov.resident), Eduardo Hyx (eduardo.hyx), Mavi (mavi.beck), Dalia (da1ia.resident), Vincent Priesley (sweetvincent.resident).