GOELA by Bebel - Currently Showing in the EP#1 @GBTH

after tasting, digestion passes through the Goela
A digital catharsis representing (links/bonds) between body,
the way that any atmosphere feed the body
and how the body changes(affects) that atmosphere;
An idea perceived as consuming cycles, being consumed
and our relation with perception, ours and others;
with clothing unveiling a complement of our bodies
as a structural garment of social armor(armature,shield)
Públio is a physical and digital(phygital) artist based in Brazil which is understood as a polymorph being that sees Second Life as a bridge to amplify the possibility of manifesting extensions(complements) of itself in different forms.

A mitosis of personas, the origin of Bebel, a digital manifested being emmerged from a commom place as many other beings not necessary digital nor human.

Bebel doesn't label herself, their existence is based on her freedom.

Exhibition Credits

Bebel (pu6lio.resident)

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident)

Cibele Cibernética (profetadigital.resident)
Graphic Designer


Special thanks to Whiskey Monday (whiskey.monday) and Dalia (da1ia.resident).