GBTH Magazine #22 - Year In Review
Dec. 2023

It's quite symbolic that GBTH is named Grab By The Horns because that's precisely what we've done this year. We've launched nine distinct exhibitions and introduced innovative formats that were previously unexplored here. This has made it an incredibly productive year, and we can't express enough gratitude for the love and support shown to GBTH. Below, we've put together a recap of everything we've accomplished this year.

January - Region Reopening

After five years of existence, the GBTH Project has undergone a transformation, shifting away from being a project to establish itself as an independent art incubator within Second Life. The focus remains on exploring diverse art formats, now concentrated on contemporary art created and displayed in-world. Additionally, GBTH has welcomed new additions to its region: Flashmans, a music-focused venue by Martin Ren, and an archive exhibit of the Yarn Factory Art Projects by koto Nizna.

February - Non-Perishable 

Artist Marina Münter revisited NON-PERISHABLE for the third time, the exhibit that inspired the founding of GBTH in 2017. Presenting a series of stand-alone photographs and shipping container installations, the artist paired color-associated scenographic assemblages with evocative references in a visually stunning display. NON-PERISHABLE invited the viewers to consider the ways in which we attach meaning and value to the objects in our lives, and how these associations shape our understanding of the world around us.

March - LET ME IN LET ME OUT by Cenit

C E N I T's debut exhibition at the GBTH was a visual journey through the highs and lows of love. LET ME IN, LET ME OUT told a story that is both personal and universal, exploring the complexities of the human heart. Through her imagery, C E N I T invited us to reflect on our own experiences of love and loss, and to find solace in the beauty that can emerge from even the darkest moments. The times we share with each other are a gift that cannot be taken back.

April - Anthropophagic Nights

Artists Marina Münter and Difficult Conundrum organized a night of cultural cannibalism at GBTH, inspired by Brazilian Carnaval and underground ballroom culture. This event series started with the intention to provide inclusive spaces for self-expression and celebration, fostering exploration and honoring different identities without discrimination.

May - PRIMITIVE by Grant Valeska

PRIMITIVE marked Grant Valeska's debut solo exhibition at the GBTH and provided a captivating introduction to his artistic vision and approach. Challenging the pre-existing notion that intentionality is not possible in work where aesthetics and visual impact take precedence, Valeska transported the viewer into a world of striking poses, intricate textures, and arresting compositions.

June - AMALGAMATION by Walton Wainwright

Within the depths of Walton F. Wainwright's psyche, a fascination with the macabre and the realm of death unfurled like a dark tapestry. It was from these haunting manifestations of blurry memories that the sculpture set known as AMALGAMATION was born - an exhibit that dared to peel back the veneer of societal taboo and confront humanity's primal fear.

July - prep for GBTH x RB

In July, we initiated the open call for participants in the fifth and final round of the GBTH x Rachel Breaker collective 3D exhibition, alongside the workshop series we conducted to prepare for it.

August - KLUB 15 by Keiko Clementine

Making his debut at the GBTH, Keiko Clementine presented a surrealistic club, where classical beauty mixes with the virtual, KLUB 15 took form in images exploring beauty standards, his own path as a creator, his sexuality and the importance of virtual identities It all comes together as a love letter to the digital world.

September - DECOIFFE by Vincent Priesley

Vincent Priesley’s most recent exhibition at the GBTH was an ode to hair. In its infinite variety, the love of hair reveals our capacity to find beauty in the simplest of things and our enduring quest to express our inner selves. DÉCOIFFÉ was a celebration of love and acceptance. Hair is more than just follicles and keratin.

October - GBTH X Rachel Breaker EPILOGUE

GBTH x Rachel Breaker collective 3D exhibition, a collaboration initiated in 2019, returned! The project's evolution has seen a theme emerge for its fifth and final round, inviting participants to answer the question, "how are you now that it is over?"— a deeply subjective and interpretive journey. When one chapter ends, another begins.

November - XXTRA Awakened Issue

After three years of dormancy, XXTRA returned  with its third edition, boasting 250 pages of Halloween-inspired content created by 28 talented artists. Alongside the publication, they’ve partnered with GBTH to host a gallery showcase, displaying one selected artwork from each artist's submission. Read the magazine here

December - CHROMATIC DREAMSCAPES by Ren Matsura

Emotions paint a vivid spectrum, each hue shaping the canvas of human experience. Explore the intimate narratives within Ren Matsura’s CHROMATIC DREAMSCAPES - where joy, melancholy, and the complex threads of human connection intertwined in every brushstroke and pixel.

We want to thank you for sticking around all this time and we're already anticipating the year ahead. More new exhibitions and diverse formats await!

Happy Holidays!

Marina and Diff